Business Area

Financial Solution

Picture the Future

We create new value with financial partners and provide customers with future experiences and impressions

Leading Digital Branch

The 'Leading the Trend' fintech industry has met a new paradigm. In a changing environment, we go forward together by presenting our vision and direction to both financial partners and customers.

Financial Know-how

'32 years of financial know-how'

The financial automation business, which started in 1989, has become the basis for a company specializing in automation platforms such as entering the global market starting with the development of the first domestic CD machine in Korea.

Supporting One-Stop integrated service


'From manufacturing to service'

We support integrated services for customer convenience
and satisfaction from product production to maintenance.

Global Network

It has been installed in approximately 66,000 ATM/TCR banks in 15 countries around the world and is playing a leading role as a financial solution expert.