Business Area

Logistics Solution

Innovation of Logistics Automation

As a leader in automation of logistics facilities and innovation in technology services, we protect customers' volume and provide high value of logistics services with fast delivery to consumers.

New Paradigm R&D

We will become a lifelong partner that grows with our customers' logistics business with high-quality products and competitive products through the development and localization of logistics facilities with new functions and methods based on years of experience in research and development of various types of products.

Systematic Maintenance

Based on systematic technical services, we provide trouble handling and regular inspection services for logistics facilities of other companies, and support customers' profit creation by maintaining the optimal condition of logistics facilities through professional resident work in distribution centers.

Total Solution

From consulting for new logistics center construction to resident maintenance work, the efficiency of logistics work and the stability of facilities are provided as a basis.
We provide high value and satisfaction to customers as “a company specialized in logistics center construction and maintenance.”