Business Area

Retail Solution


Cash Automation Kiosk

Product Detail

  • Convenience
    1. Real-time time management
    2. Daily closing and settlement functions provided
    3. Banknotes, gift certificates, coin deposits, envelope deposits
    4. 23" High Sensitivity Wide Touch Screen
  • Usability
    1. Removable modular sidecar for easy maintenance
    2. Module placement with minimal instrument operating movement of the instrument
    3. Replace payment function in case of store PDA error (option)
    4. Develop custom UI/UX
  • Security
    1. Forged/damaged media identification
    2. Media serial number/ MICR/ Barcode recognition
    3. managing, controlling device permissions
  • Equipped with high performance reflux module
    1. Equipped with high-performance bank-oriented reflux modules of its own technology
    2. Up to 9 types of domestic and foreign bills, checks, and various gift certificates can be redeemed
    3. Accurate and rapid throughput (10 cycles/sec)