Business Area

Financial Solution



Product Detail

  • Self Banking
    1. Realization of sales counter service based on non-face-to-face real name verification
    2. Realization of flexible stores through a 24-hour/366-day operation system, such as opening a new account, issuing/reissuing cards/accounts, reporting reports, electronic finance, etc.
  • Non-face-to-face real name verification service
    1. Verification of the authenticity of identification cards, video consultation, and real name verification based on bio-certification
    2. Optional mounting of various biometric scanner (diameter, long vein, fingerprint, iris, etc.)
    3. Reliability, security and convenience with digital technology
  • Smart function
    1. Issuance of 8 types of cards and bankbook
    2. A4 Output and Scan Document
    3. High Sensitivity Touch Screen
  • Replace Sales Store
    1. Full ATM functionality
    2. Implement 85% of fast teller jobs
    3. Fits CD/ATM standards for people with disabilities