Business Area

Financial Solution


Teller Cash Recycler

Product Detail

  • Convenient operation
    1. High scalability in use, such as banks and retail stores
    2. POS Interworking with Retailers
    3. Banknote change function in customer direction
  • Convenience
    1. Continuous deposit and withdrawal function
    2. Cassette options such as large capacity, multi-volume, etc.
    3. Using Multiple Clerk/Clerk
    4. Quick reclamation and counting capabilities
  • Security
    1. Detect counterfeit/damage notes
    2. Banknote serial number recognition
    3. UL291 safe
    4. Daily settlement is possible without access to the safe
  • Large Capacity Module
    1. Up to 12 kinds of reflux / 22,800 copies deposited
    2. Unlimited continuous coefficients of up to 600 temporary aggregated purchases
    3. Store up to 22,800 deposits