Business Area

Retail Solution


Smart Slim ATM

Product Detail

  • Sleek design & Small footprint
    1. Most feature intensive in slim size (450x650x1465 mm)
    2. Maximize space efficiency
  • Select a variety of smart features
    1. Non-face-to-face authentication
    2. Biometrics, video counseling
    3. Various Smart Options
    4. A4 paper scan, printing
    5. Card, bankbook issue, lottery issue, etc.
    6. Extend customer customization with sidecar application
  • Equipped with a high-performance cash withdrawal module
    1. High-speed, high-precision banknote recognition mechanism
    2. Strong counterfeit currency identification
    3. Store and archive images with machine learning
    4. Simple, easy-to-maintain design structure
  • Strong security
    1. Secure Camera Mounting
    2. Anti-Skimming
    3. High-gloss plane display
    4. Enhanced Security Design