Business Area

Financial Solution


Teller Cash Recycler

Product Detail

  • Convenience
    1. Equipped with an 8-inch foldable color touchscreen
    2. Minimization of copper wire (straightening arrangement of project-deposit-deposit)
  • Superior Features
    1. Reflux of up to 12 books held in Korea and abroad
    2. High-speed large-capacity deposit/withdrawal (10 sheets/sec)
    3. Recognize high-precision bills such as images and patterns
    4. Time Closing Automatic Settlement
    5. Quick Coefficient Feature
  • Diverse and convenient use
    1. Multiple users available at the same time
    2. Space-efficient with Under Desk design
    3. Customer Screen Advertising Capability
  • Strong security
    1. Identification of sophisticated counterfeit/damage notes
    2. Recognize and store banknote serial numbers
    3. Mounting an International Standard Certification Vault
    4. Install Anti-Theft Floor Fixation