Business Area

Retail Solution


Self Check Out

Product Detail

  • Design
    1. Luxurious design emphasizes smooth curved beauty
    2. SLIM maximizes store environment and space utilization
    3. Ergonomic design considering average height of men and women of all ages
    4. Provides customized shelves for large, medium and small marts
  • Visibility
    1. High visibility panel recruitment within distance of use
    2. Apply Status Check LED Light
  • Stability
    1. Reliability-proven industrial mainboards (high temperature/high humidity/vibration tests, long-term supply, I/F diversity, etc.)
    2. Integrated power supply and controllable power supply
    3. Market-proven device application
    4. EGI Metal (High-Strength Plated Metal Plate) Application
  • Convenience
    1. Modularized Product Design by Device
    2. Apply Hidden Reboot Button
    3. Enhanced ease of operation
    4. SCO-only devices with enhanced ease of use and reliability
  • Maintenance
    1. Hire front opening doors for maintenance
    2. One-touch receipt thermal paper exchange method