Business Area

Retail Solution


Self Ordering Kiosk

Product Detail

  • Design
    1. Luxurious design emphasizes smooth curved beauty
    2. SLIM maximizes store environment and space utilization
    3. Ergonomic design considering average height of men and women of all ages
  • Visibility
    1. High visibility panel recruitment within distance of use
    2. Apply Status Check LED Light
  • Stability
    1. Reliability-proven industrial mainboards (high temperature/high humidity/vibration tests, long-term supply, I/F diversity, etc.)
    2. Integrated power supply and controllable power supply
    3. Market-proven device application
    4. EGI Metal (High-Strength Plated Metal Plate) Application
  • Convenience
    1. Modularized Product Design by Device
    2. Apply Hidden Reboot Button
    3. Enhanced ease of operation
  • Maintenance
    1. Hire front opening doors for maintenance
    2. One-touch receipt thermal paper exchange method