Business Area

Retail Solution

Everything is Simple

It provides a differentiated experience to distribution partners and provides a next-generation smart solution
that can easily operate complex store operations.

							Settlement System: Bills, Check, Coins, Gift Cards

Differentiated Solution

By successfully developing localization technology away from foreign company technology, we provide a solution that is different from foreign automation products with limited functions by processing banknotes, gift certificates, and coin deposit and withdrawal services according to customer needs.

Get away from overseas technology with limited functions and independently succeed in localization technology development and take a step closer to a new concept of cash management solution that can handle bills, gift certificates, coins, and checks at the same time.


Efficient System

We make use of our products and management system conveniently and efficiently from the most basic business affairs to sales and expenses, so that employees can focus on customer service and sales promotion.
An adjustment machine that improves work efficiency for partner employees and management staff is available from cash (bills, coins, gift cards) processing to device transaction inquiry and status inquiry. It is a proven integrated cash settlement management device currently in use by distributors after successful localization development.


Smart Self Check-out

The self check-out service that improves customer satisfaction with prompt service is a system that improves service quality by enabling consumers to pay for and check out products without assistance from staff. The self-checkout counter provides processing from card-based payments to bills, gift certificates, and coins for all payments.


Cost Innovation

Using automation technology, IoT technology, and control infrastructure, we provide consulting and provide smart stores that effectively reduce process, productivity, and cost throughout the store.