Business Area

Service Infra Solution

Closer to the customer

A nationwide organization secured from experience in performing various maintenance projects and a professional manpower with the best technology will come closer to you.

Counseling Center (national representative number)


  • Respond to all inquiries regarding disability reception, disability counseling, technical counseling, and complaints.
  • Automatic assignment of engineer in charge according to received details (using TIMS)
  • Monitoring of failure and complaint handling history
  • Happy call progress on the details that have been processed.

Zero service blind spot

We support stable operation during the life cycle of the target product for the convenience and satisfaction of customers from the receipt of a failure to the completion of the failure handling.

Fault reception and handling process

Fault report – Fault Reception – Consultation/transfer – Visit/Fault handling

Management system

Tims (Total Information Management System)

Master management
Basic information management
Systematized management of operating device information
Mobile Program Operation
mTIMS App installed on the smartphone.
Remote confirmation of detailed receipt details
Progress and report management
Work progress management
Real-time report output management for quality status
Fault management
Real-time registration and inquiry management for service requests
Upon receipt of a fault, SMS is sent immediately to the maintenance personnel in charge.

NMS (Network Monitoring System)

NMS (Network Monitoring System)