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This is the course ATEC AP has followed.

  • 2020
    Acquisition of LG Innotek ESL business
    Korea Engineer Award
    Entered the Turkish ATM SKD market
    Awarded the Presidential Award for Industrial Promotion Merit
  • 2019
    Jangbogo Food Material Mart Automatic Settlement Kiosk Project
    Nonghyup Bank Smart ATM Construction Project
    Participated in the second KINTEX K-SHOP exhibition
    Hanwha Galleria automatic settlement kiosk project in progress
    Selected as MG Saemaul Geumgo computer maintenance business partner
    ESL business in 108 E-Mart stores
  • 2018
    Launched automatic settlement kiosk for distribution
    Established ATEC USA
    Achieved 10% of US TCR M/S
    ATM supply to Iran
    Busan Bank Smart ATM upgrade project
    Introduced KOREA POST automatic financial device
    IBK digital kiosk order
    Participated in K-Shop 2018 exhibition
    Distributor contract with Glory in Japan
  • 2017.12
    Established a new corporation by division of ATEC AP
    Leap to the automation platform specialized company

  • 2017
    Released slim ATM for the VAN market
  • 2016
    Exported 10,000 units to the Chinese ATM market
    Entered the US/Europe TCR market
    Entry into the Iranian ATM/CD market
    SMART ATM pilot operation
    Released Slim ATM
    VE CRM development
  • 2015
    Released 2nd Generation Cash Recycling Module/ATM
    Full-scale entry into ESL construction business
    (Hanaro Mart, GS Supermarket)
  • 2014
    TCR overseas market shipment (China)
    Development of electronic box for distribution
  • 2013
    Split and merged with LG CNS (Financial Automation Division)
    Achieved No. 1 market share in the domestic ATM market (49%)
  • 2012
    Launched a new ATM with simultaneous bill/check processing
    Good Design and Minister of Knowledge Economy Award
    Developed and built a Lotte Mart payment machine system
  • 2010
    NCR China cash recycling ATM strategic alliance
  • 2009
    Started and completed the factory
    World's 4th domestic CRM/ ATM launch
  • 2007
    Export CD release
  • 2006
    Launched new ATMs and CDs for new bills
  • 2005
    Shipped High-End Global CDM
  • 2004
    Released next-generation new ATM GAT-500
    Received Korea's first Good Design award
  • 2003
    Multi Currency CDM release
  • 2002
    Separation of group affiliates / establishment of LG NSYS
  • 1999
    CDM overseas market shipment (JP/US)
  • 1994
    Korea's first CDM development and release
  • 1993
    Started ATM business
  • 1990
    Korea's first domestic CD development and release
  • 1989
    Started financial automation equipment business
    (LG Electronics DSS OBU~)